What’s a “glomad”?

Glomad Symbol“Glomad” is a new word to represent a growing group of people who live a global nomadic lifestyle. You may have referred to them as world citizens in the past.

Glomads are never at “home,” in the traditional sense of the word, but somehow always feel at home, which they define as any place they are or want to be. They travel freely, following whims or opportunities, lingering as long as they desire, creating ties in a new world without borders.

Glomads are often entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital workers, travel bloggers… They may carry all their possessions in a suitcase or two, and their lives may be spent on couches, in hostels or short-term rentals, but they’re defined by the incredibleness of their experiences.

More than anyone, glomads understand how silly it is to put up these little borders on our planet, and the greater interest in making the world more open and connected.


If you’re a glomad and want to contribute to this blog, please email us.

Glomad History

The term Glomad was coined in late 2012 by Mayel de Borniol. French originally, but an expat much of his life, in just the past few years he has found himself in over 20 countries, not that he’s really counting – it’s less about the destinations, and more about the journey! That’s why he would love to know dozens of languages (current count is at around 4), and be able to communicate with everyone.

On February 15th, 2013, TechCrunch was the first major media organization to use the term glomad. See full article here.

Symbol Design Explained

The symbol was designed in a way to represent a home that is mobile throughout a planet. The outer circle represents the planet. The spiralling line represents the movement of a glomad. The square shape is based off the home icon on iPhone and represents the home that goes wherever the glomad goes. Designed by Zachary Zorbas.

Download Logo (Creative Commons): Black(PNG) White(PNG)

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